Covers our context on both the Aptos technology and it's continued ecosystem growth.

The Vision

In the past few years, blockchain technology has come a long way — from decreasing gas fees to increasing transaction throughput, efficiency, and decentralization. Yet, the journey is not complete. DeFi ecosystem at large still suffers from significant chain outages, major security vulnerabilities, as well as undelivered promises on speed & efficiency.

Aptos is a new blockchain built by highly-skilled Meta engineers who for the past six years worked on the Novi (later called Diem) project. It is the only chain that from the ground up is built by a large team of engineers who have years of experience building blockchain technology at one of the world's most prestigious technology companies.

Additionally, Aptos is built with the Move programming language: a significant improvement over Rust when it comes to smart contract development. In a time when security vulnerabilities are wreaking havoc in DeFi, Move offers a safe, efficient and secure environment for protecting scarce assets and is gaining popularity among the developer community.

Lastly, the immense growth in strong builders and the overall Aptos ecosystem is a testament to the team's unmatched business development skills. Their recent $200m raise from A16Z will only fuel this fire.

Technical Specifications

  • Up to ~160k transactions per second (TPS) based on Block-STM technology.

  • Built with Move to provide additional safeguards on memory resources.

  • Ability to swap private keys for additional security or in case of emergency.

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